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Standing the test of time

If you are looking for an interesting day out, drive south from Oban to Lochgilphead and the Crinan Canal on the Western Coast of Scotland, and as you enter Kilmartin Glen, you will realise that you have entered a very special place.

Over 5000 years of human history can be traced across the Kilmartin valley. At least 350 ancient monuments, of which 150 are prehistoric, lie within six miles of the quiet village of Kilmartin. Of particular interest are the earlier prehistoric monuments: chambered cairns, round cairns, cists, standing stones and rock carvings. When visiting Kilmartin Glen, it is best to start at the Kilmartin House Museum of Ancient Culture. This is located in the old manse in Kilmartin village and admission includes an atmospheric audio visual presentation as well as entry to the museum itself which includes a model of the glen. Oban Holiday Home recommends the excellent cafe here!

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