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Take a walk from Ganavan Sands to Dunstaffnage Castle & Chapel


STAGE 1 From the car park at Ganavan Sands take the path past the play area and through the bushes at far end of the beach. Follow this path for a short distance and go through a metal kissing gate. Keep following the path until there is a clear gap in the cliffs on your right. Turn right here to head steeply uphill (do not follow the path that continues around the bottom of the cliff as this becomes impassable further on). At the top of this steep section turn left to head across the top of the cliffs. There are good views across the sea to Mull and Lismore. STAGE 2 The path undulates along the clifftop crossing Ganavan Hill - there are a number of paths, whilst this route stays on the clearest one, as long as you continue along the coast they will end up at the same place. The path descends steeply and crosses a broken fence before climbing over a couple more hummocks keeping to the higher ground. There are good views across to Dumbeg and towards Connel and the peaks of Ben Cruachan and Taynuilt Peak. Soon there is a clear view of the marina and the modern buildings of the Marine Science Park at Dunstaffnage.


Descend to a dip and then aim towards the shore on a faint path to the left. Keep parallel to the shore before a narrow path heads inland through some bushes before emerging at the semi-circular bay of Camas Rubha na Liathaig with two big buildings behind. Walk across the sand and pebbles of the bay to the far side.

STAGE 4 After passing the buildings at the back of the bay (cafe at the Ocean Centre), turn right to follow a path along the edge of the woodland to emerge at the car park for Dunstaffnage Castle. Turn left here and follow the track from the car park towards the Castle. A charge is payable to enter the castle itself which is built on an impressive plug of rock and has a great strategic position at the head of the natural harbour at Dumbeg and looking out across the straits.

STAGE 5 A path off to the left detours to visit the ruins of Dunstaffnage Chapel, which was built together with the castle in the 13th century. After exploring the castle and ruined chapel return to the car park and continue along the road through the Marine Science Park (cafe over to the right) and towards Dunbeg.


Keep along the road until a t-junction in Dunbeg is reached. From here turn right along Lorn Road into the modern housing. Follow the signs for the cycle path all through Dunbeg, ignoring the first road off to the right but taking the second. Follow this uphill, turning left along Lochnell Road before forking right near the end into a car park. The cycle path leaves via the gate at the far end; follow it as it leads across open ground. After a steep climb the route follows the edge of a wood before descending to reach the car park and beach at Ganavan at the start of the walk.

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